Falling….hot days


At the end of 2012 I had a very painful injury to my tendons behind my left knee which pretty much stopped me in my tracks. In December I did manage to win the Geelong Running Festival 6 Km in my age group but this was really my last hurrah.

Eventually the pain got so bad that I had to see a doctor and had the usual number of tests etc done. Result was my tendons were completely shot and I should not run. ( short training that day ).

I was told with rest and an intense exercise program I may be able to jog again in 6 weeks. I interpreted that to mean easy jogging only for 42 days. I started counting.

After about 30 days I was running my usual 5.5 Km route and despite the pain was going ok. BUT then at about 2km I tripped and fell. I cut my knee and hands and hurt my chest. I continued the run and made it home. My time was ok.

TODAY is that anniversary of that run. It’s 42 degrees outside….I think that is 108 In the old speak.

Time to run 5.5 Km I think. BUT…is it ever hot !!ImageToday I have done 100 sit ups and 300 stomach crunches but have yet to go outside.


All replies welcome.

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