Run in the Sun


Yesterday I took my new summer hair cut out for a spin in the Melbourne sun. It was about 39 degrees. Last year on that day I ran my usual 5.5 Km run ( I was injured  then and could not run at all so only 5.5 Km)….so yesterday I ran the same run. Last year I fell on this run and hurt my chest and cut my hands and knee. Yesterday I made very sure I did not fall. I have fallen twice in 40 years so my average in that regard is not really too bad.Image

I also got a haircut from the local chap in Oakleigh. None of that fancy dan hair dressers for me. Just the good old fashioned neighborhood barber. This will help my running.

Run yesterday in the heat went well. I was quite pleased. Not a dead man plod but our on the front of my feet.

100 push ups and 300 stomach crunches.

Weight 64.6 ( up 100 grams from the day before). I think I can dip under 64 sometime in the not too distant future.


All replies welcome.

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