Running my old 9 Km course


Weather in Melbourne has now changed for the better. 25 degrees when I ran this morning. Not super cool…I have been running in Japan for the last few  months in 3 degrees. But far better than the 44 degree temperature that we have been having lately. Thats 109 old style. Or is it more? Whatever it was hot. Now it’s alot better.Bit of wind….but so what?

I have a standard course from my place out and back …it’s a bit over 18 Km. It is a reasonably hard run with a few hills…a bridge or two …a Forrest…a tunnel….paths…roads….But a decent run which can be combined with another course to get the 35 Km if needed.ImageHowever I am a bit lazy  ( and still too fat) and did not feel like plonking out to the turning point( which is at the Holmesglen Garden College if anyone would care to know). So the lovely Tamami San drove me in her flashy sports car out to The Garden College and dumped me there to run home under my power. ” Run fat Boy Run”.

I think I ran reasonably well. I started ok and held back a bit. I got a bit tired near the end but pushed hard at the end. 46.12 was my time. Maybe soon I will have another crack at this course and see if I can better this time.Certainly I have a long way to go speed wise…probably stamina wise too…although I can limp around 20 or 30 Km if needs be.

Met a couple of friends when I finished so jogged another 4 Km with them at a slow pace. Kind of a warm down.

Tomorrow is a 12 Km race which I will not take seriously…I am a pacer….but it’s still an effort at my current state of fitness.

The battle continues…..




All replies welcome.

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