The reason to Race.


This morning I was only running as a Pacer over 12 Km. So my pace was not a real concern. However a race is different from a training run in many ways.Way which will benefit me I think.

The race started at 9 AM at Coburg about 20 Km from home. This meant getting up at 6 and having my pre race breakfast ( two pieces of toast and a coffee). Julz picked us up at 7.30 and we got to the start venue with plenty of time to spare. Entering and warming up all part of the process of a race.

The race consisted of two laps of 6 Kms on a narrow concrete path next to a creek. I suppose the course was attractive to look at but I am not really into that. 


I think the feelings surrounding an actual race are a great deal different from the usual daily  solo plods around the streets. I think if you want to run a decent goal race you have first do the prep races before hand.Image

Julz is training for an April Marathon ( her first). Running over an undulating course of 12 Km is a good step forward for her.

We completed the race at 5.18 pace which is ok at this stage. Certainly on target for a decent April Marathon.

All replies welcome.

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