Benefits of Group running


Today friend Peter suggested Tamami and I run his home 12 Km course with him. We had both raced 12 Km yesterday but as we both felt strong we jumped at the chance of running in a new place.

Last season Peter won our Association’s Age group award. I was a distant second. ( I won the year before). But today it was a pretty hard 12 Km and Peter had been relaxing on the beach of Bali whilst I had been putting in the odd jog.

It was really good to run along with a friend and chat all the way. Although if the truth be told I did most of the talking. 🙂

Today the pace was pretty easy but the return journey consisted of a number of testing hills. Excellent place to really hurt yourself. No wonder Peter was number one last year.

I found the temperature of 27 degrees very pleasant but I think Peter found it a little warm.

I think running with someone different and on a different course certainly  adds to the joy of running.



All replies welcome.

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