Back on the Athletic Track


Nowadays my philosophy is that any training session I can walk away from uninjured is a good training session.

Today I went over to the Glenhuntly Athletc track for my first try at some speed work in a number of years.

Actually the word speed is probably not really applicable to how I run these days.

But I was on the track so that’s at least a start. A beginning.

Ran 3 Km warm up and then did 4 by 100m run throughs. Certainly different feeling in the old pegs compared to what I usually feel plonking around the suburban concreteImage.

Then I ran 2 by 200. Now that was interesting. Whoever would have considered getting tired running 200m ? 

After that I finished off with a small set of 400s. Well actually just one. That was enough.

A short warm down and then home.

128 push ups and 300 stomach crunches.

I feel ok….well sore…sore and OK.

The battle continues.


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