Gym and new running route found on rest day.


After a 12 Km race on Sunday, some hills in a 12 Km run with a friend on Monday and some ‘ speed’ work on the track last night it was time to take it easy today and have a mid week rest.

Started the day with 96 push ups and 300 stomach crunches.

Then off to the local Gym for 30 minutes of upper body work. Pushing weights in a public gym certainly brings it home to you just how weak and out of shape one is. Did 3 sets of 6 military presses amongst other stuff. Bit scared I could not get the bar back on the rack. But I struggled on.

Straight after that I drove to a series of trails about 45 minutes running from my home. As today is a rest day I went by car rather than run. You can do a complete circuit of theses trails meaning you can do laps….quite long laps. Plan is to use for some tempo runs.

My run today was done in 4.56 pace which is still slow but I had just come from the gym…I always have an excuse it seems for running slowly.Image


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