Saturday Morning 20


Good start to the week end with Julia,Tamami and myself running a bit over 20 Kms this morning at a reasonably good pace.

Julia is training for her first Marathon in April. Her longest ever run in her life has been 21 Km. Today we covered just over 20 Km fairly easily. She is right on track for the Canberra Marathon.Image

After  a fairly hard week for me I did not really find this morning’s run a walk in the park which I hoped it would be. The reasonably hard run I had with Sam last night plus the race the night before seems to have taken it out of me a bit. But I still did it and was pleased to see the fastest Km was the last one.

Still I did it… I suppose that’s something to be glad of.

I must be careful not to over estimate where I am at. I still lack stamina and have no speed. But I am working on those two weaknesses.

Bring in the hard training.


All replies welcome.

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