Importance of a rest day.


30 years ago I would have run an easy 10 or maybe 15 Km on a rest day. But nowadays I am looking  at rest days as an aid to my running.

Yesterday I did not run particularly fast but 20 Km is 20 Km. Especially after a fairly hardish run with a friend the evening before and a hard race in the heat the night before that. So a rest day it is.

ImageToday I just did

a short along the local street. Nothing much.

Tomorrow I am running with friends at 8 AM. They are both a lot younger and faster than me.

I am also doing another training run the same morning with Tamami and Julia.

Two runs in a morning….bring it on.

Yesterday I was lazy and did no push ups or stomach crunches. But today I managed 105 push ups and 350 stomach crunches. I still have excess weight around my stomach. Probably not helped by an Australia Day BBQ. 🙂 Run some of it off tomorrow.


All replies welcome.

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