Reality Check


Ran at 8 AM with a couple of friends from my Melbourne Club ( Old Scotch AAC ). Pace was fairly slow at around 4.55 for a total run of less than 10 Kms. However I did not find it as easy as I would have liked.

I was running with Mark whis has run 2-21 for the Marathon and will run Tokyo in February. At age 56 he  weighs 59.1 and should run about 2-45. He is ten levels better than me. Also ran with Ross who is 43 and weighs about 71 kilos. He is a far better runner than me( and 19 years younger) but  I should be able to run him off his feet based on my training. My own weight came in today at 64.1 which is pleasing.

Although Mark was just jogging I was working reasonably hard and was a little disappointed that Ross could keep up. He did kick at the end but could not stay with me which is something I suppose.

ImageToday showed that I have to train a bit harder.

Bring it on.


All replies welcome.

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