Recovery Run. Feeling OK.


Although it may be said I had little to recover from,  today I decided to do an easy morning recovery run with Tamami. We only ran 7 Km but over a fairly hilly course and over a bit of grass…never my favorite surface.

We measured the course and timed it and have given it a name for future reference. ” The 7 Km High street Run”. Pace  today was a gentle jog at 5.30 per Km. In truth I would have liked to run a little faster but I don’t think Tamami wanted to. Not a great move running your training partner/wife into the ground on an easy training jog.Image

Yesterday’s ‘ race’ was far from spectacular although I did run the first Km at 4.03. I know this is slow but I am planning on going sub 4 next Thursday. I felt reasonably good today. I think it’s all coming together if somewhat slowly.

I will have a longer run on Sunday…25 Km. After that I will direct my attention to breaking the 4 minute barrier. 🙂

Weight 64.7 Kgm.


All replies welcome.

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