25 Km does not sound far but….


Ran with  Julia and Tamami this morning. Helping Julz towards her first marathon. Canberra in April. She will be 32 years old when she runs Canberra. The  same age as I was when I last ran the Canberra Marathon 30 years ago.

Julia had never run more than 25 Km in her life. I fact she had never run longer than just over 2 hours at one time. Both of these figures were broken today.

We started just after 8. It was sunny but temperature was not too bad. Maybe 20 degrees. Looking back it would have been far wiser to start earlier.

First off we ran my usual 5.25 Km course….did a U turn and then hit the hills. Unfortunately we also hit the sun at the same time.

Julia ran well but was feeling the heat ( and hills ) a bit. We stopped for a drink at about 15 Km before doing another U turn and heading for home. The water seemed to give us a lift but that went only so far as the temperature was 29 degrees when we hot 20 Km.

The last 5 Km were fairly hard but looking back probably not that hard. Still I was glad to finish. I know I should really find 25 Km at a moderate pace a walk in the park despite the heat and the hills. But it was pretty hard. 25 Km is easy to say but it’s still a decent distance…especially with the hills and the heat…..or did I mention the heat before?  🙂

Pace was slower than our hoped for Marathon pace but I don’t think that is really an issue At this stage.The hills and heat were big actors today and we over came them.Julia did the distance aand lived to tell the tale. We will do the same again next week end….hopefully be a little cooler.



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