Scotland: Accomodation: Commonwealth Games


In July Tamami and I plus friend Stuart are heading for Glasgow to see the Commonwealth Games and then to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo  then onto the highlands. Glasgow seems booked out apart from a from a few ludicrious places. $25,000 ! I think not.

We are looking for suggestions where to stay. So far it looks like we may have stay in Edinburg and train to Glasgow each day.


We have been very  fortunate with our ticket purchases. We have gained tickets to every day except one for the Athletics which is really all we are interested in. Also we are seeing the swimming and cycling. The Bike Time trial is free so we should be able to see that.

Missed out on tickets to the Mountain Bike Race…who would have thought so popular.

We will watch both the Men’s and Women’s Marathon…we have our Aussie flag ready.


I have been to Scotland a few times but Tamami and Stuart have never been. Should be a great trip….but where to stay !!

Looking forward to running up some steep Scottish hills. Sounds great.



4 thoughts on “Scotland: Accomodation: Commonwealth Games

  1. TartanJogger

    Yay! That’s fantastic! I’d suggest either staying in Edinburgh as you suggest, or in one of the outlying town/suburbs like Bearsden, Milngavie. Or why not stay out by Loch Lomond? It’s only half an hour to Glasgow by car or train? Then you get best of both worlds! My sister and my mum are both Clydesiders for the games: my sister will be based at Queen St train station, so if you’re travelling by train you’ll have to say hi to her! 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice. Are you going to the Games yourself?

      I am traveling with my wife(Tamami)and friend (Stuart) both of whom have never been to Scotland before!!

      Stuart suggests we stay in Dunfirmline. What is your opinion. Can we travel ( probably by car and then local train) to Glasgow each day? Or do you think that is too far?

      Tamami wants to stay in an Airport Hotel in Newbridge. Not sure if that is great place to stay???? Seems a little boring to me.

      Thanks for your help.
      We will watch out for your sister…she should look out for us…easier…two Aussies and a Japanese…we should stand out. 🙂

      Hope your running is going well.


      • TartanJogger

        I can’t wait: I have tickets for judo and athletics. We’ll also be supporting the marathon- it’s going to be a fantastic celebration!
        Newbridge is a little dull, and isn’t too close to the train stations I’m afraid. Dunfermline is a lovely town, and might be a good option as a base: close to Edinburgh and for exploring Fife, as well as being around an hour and a half from Glasgow. I think public transport is mostly routed through Edinburgh, though, rather than going directly to Glasgow. How exciting, planning your trip, especially fir your wife and friend! Let me know if I can help with anything. Where have you visited in Scotland before?

  2. Yes….it will be great.
    I went to Edinburgh with my parents ages ago and have been separately with my sister and another time with one of my daughters. I live in a street called Thurso in Australia so we went way up to to the town of Thurso.
    Also went to Mull one time and of course Loch Ness.
    I am keen to show friend Stuart and wife Tamami some of the highlands….not that I am an expert.
    Today we are looking at a place called Strathblane Country House Hotel. Looks OK so far. Nothing booked yet.

    How is your running? All three of us are keen runners if somewhat slow. Tamami just started a few years ago but has run 6 marathons so far. If we can organize a group run that fits in with your schedule lets do it.

    Thanks again for your advice.


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