Why excuses don’t mean anything.


It is easy to find a reason for not achieving what you wanted from your training run or race. But the truth is ,no one really cares. You run a race and you are two minutes slower than your aim because….fill in the blank. No one cares.

Today I ran my usual 7 Km course. I was 54 seconds faster than my last attempt at this course. But I was disappointed in my time. I look at my average time and today it was 5.10 per Km. I felt I pushed it and did not give up. I was hoping for something better. Training times are always slow and I think I can run close to a minute per Km in a race. But it felt faster.

Now here come the excuses which in no way change the fact that I plodded around in 5.10 pace. One the one hand the temperature had dropped to 20 degrees…so that was a bonus. But on the other hand there was a strong head wind. About a Km is on grass which I am beginning to hate and another Km is straight up a hill. I tried to run the main hill hard and attack the smaller hills ( ha ha attack !!). I also tried to lift the pace in the final Km ( 4.45….still slow). Yesterday I ran 25 Km in the heat but that should really not have effected me. Did I mention I had to dodge a lot of folk getting off the train….I have a zillion excuses.

75 push ups and 150 crunches.

Better tomorrow I hope.Image


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