Speed Work.


Can you do speed work when you have no speed? This is a question that has vexed philosophers throughout the ages.

Today’s session consisted of a 3 Km jog to the bottom of a small hill….some may call it an ‘ incline’. Anyway it was going up…to some extent. I then ran what I call 45 second efforts. Up hill and into a strong head wind. Probably better to do speed work with Imagethe wind …but I did not ! 🙂

I ran 54 seconds for the first one…then 43,42,41,40,40.  I suppose not too bad. Not sure of speed ( thankfully) but certainly faster than my usual plodding style around the surbuban streets of Malvern.

Then a slow jog of around 3 Km to get home.

As I was going out for a deluxe Afternoon Tea at the Windsor I ran in the morning. Probably too soon after breakfast. Felt a bit sick. Felt a bit heavy.

Looked pretty exhausted at Afternoon tea….but still enjoyed the food festival. Despite eating too much.


All replies welcome.

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