Gym first and running second.


I don’t go to the gym often these days. May be twice a week. I don’t really think pushing weights helps my running much. However I think it’s a good thing to do to just keep my strenght up. Accordingly I spent a bit over an hour this morning doing bicep curls and all the rest. Also did a bit of ab work….get some of the fat off….well maybe not.

In the afternoon met up with Julia and she and Tamami and I ran around the Tan a few times. Ran at an ok pace ( going up the hill of course). mostly around 5.20 pace but slowed a bit near the end. temperature was around 30 degrees so still a bit hot.ImageA Good enough day. just another step down the road.

No push ups today but 200 stomach crunches when I came home from the gym.


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