Hot day on the road today.


41 degrees in Melbourne today although not quite that bad when I ran today. Still it was warm enough when Tamami and I set off her a morning run.Image

I found conditions reasonably hard but managed to push my way through the run at quite a good pace. I was pretty much melted by the time I finished. Tamami also ran fairly well although the early fast pace eventually took it’s toll near the end. Still she finished which is good.

Booked Glasgow Hotel  for the Commonwealth Games and Edinburgh Hotel for the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh castle. Very happy with both booking.

Pushed myself through 200 stomach crunches and 35 push ups. Too lazy to do more.

Early start tomorrow for 25 Km training run in preparation for the Canberra  Marathon in April.

How I wish this heat would go away,



All replies welcome.

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