Melbourne’s Heat Wave does not stop running.


Plan today was to start at 7 AM and hopefully get a quick 25 Km in before it got too hot. Unfortunately this plan failed as it was 30 degrees before we even started.

Its one thing to finish in the heat but when it’s over 30 in the first Km running the next 24 in growing heat is not really a lot of fun.


We started quite well but after about 5 Km it became apparent that to push on would have not really been of much benefit. Acordingly we ran to a drink fountain at a place we call The Blind Institute at around 8.5 Km. Stopped there for a drink and a gel. Then did a U turn and ran home for a total of 17 Km.

Apart from the heat we found the wind and the flys very hard to cope with. Memo to self: Bring Fly Repellant.

Although we did not run the planned 25 Km I think the run went fairly well. The heat really knocked us around in the last 3 Km. However we recovered quite quickly. No harm done.

Bring in The Canberra Marathon….in cooler conditions we hope.


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