Slow run but finish ok.


Run today averaged 5.18 minutes which is pretty slow but I finished with a 4.20 last Km. Tamami always starts too fast and finishes slowly which is not my style. So today we walked through the first Km in 5.50 before  increasing the pace at the one Km mark and dipping under 5 minute pace after 3 Km.

With one Km to go Tamami stopped to pick up a golf ball (!!) so I set off for home alone. True 4.20 for a Km is nothing to write home about ( even if there was a slight hill involved…I point out) but it’s faster than my usual plonking  fat old guy pace.

Cooler today..thanks…thanks…thanks..21 degrees when we ran.

Weight now 64.4 Kgm which is a tad too heavy still. But game not over yet.

70 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.Image.

Here is a picture which you don’t see often. Me at 5 AM. !! I know…a little on the fat side


All replies welcome.

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