Running a bit but still slow


After a mammoth Gym session yesterday  morning in the afternoon I jogged 3 Km over to a fairly flattish  gravel path and did some ‘ speed work ‘. My plan was to repeat the six 45 second efforts that I did last Tuesday. I tried very hard to achieve some actual speed and whilst my slowest run yesterday was faster than my fastest one last week,I realize I am still hellishly slow. After finishing the last run I jogged ( very slowly) the 3 Km home. Felt quite sick after the last ‘ fast’ run.

This morning I ran my old 6 Km path course. World famous for being where I fell last year. Felt a bit slow at the start but then got into a Fairly good pace and really pushed it home. Maybe my best time. Not sure. 25 degrees. I probably could have gone faster but felt ill after finishing so that showed I was working fairly hard.Image

Later today I have organized a group run. Maybe it will not be very fast but should be fun. Weather forecast says 32 but it was only 25 when I ran this morning so I don’t really seeing it getting too hot. Not that a bit of heat should effect a run.Whatever the temperature or pace it is still Kms in my legs. 

Tomorrow I will race on the track. I would like to run fast but just not sure that I can. I am lacking in actual speed and also stamina. Probably a tad too heavy as well.

Weight today 64.1

100 push ups and 300 stomach crunches this morning. I know I should do more but sometimes I am too lazy.

Early Saturday will go for a long run. Hopefully that will burn enough fat to get my weight down.


All replies welcome.

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