First Wednesday Night Group Run goes well.


I am intending to keep organising a Group Run around The Tan each Wednesday Evening starting at 6 PM.

Last night was our first run. It was only 25 degrees but felt hotter. A bit humid for my liking. Loads of other runners out there. Good to see so many embracing running.

In the morning I ran a hard 6 Km alone around the streets. I tried pretty hard and recorded a reasonable time. But I know this is not enough.

For our GROUP RUN  at 6 PM I ran with Julz who is training for her first Marathon in Canberra come April. We ran 12 Km at 5.34 pace. Fair enough given the conditions and the numbers out there whom we had to get past. We ran  up the Image

infamous Anderson street hill. ( Real runners run UP….wimps run down ).

A solid enough run 8 weeks out from the MARATHON. On Saturday morning we will run long.

Tonight I will go to the Athletic track and race a  3 Km spiral. This means you change lanes each lap. Not something I really enjoy. But I know I have to get onto the track if I am to improve my speed from my current plodding state.

I wore my Namban singlet which I think looks great. Maybe not perfect for such humid conditions.

Weight in  the morning yesterday was 64.1 Kgm. After the afternoon run I was probably lighter but there were no scales on the road !



All replies welcome.

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