Ran half a Race : Average 4.06


Last night at the Masters Track race I pulled out half way. It was hot and I had pain in my calf and had a  hard time trial the day before in the morning and also a solid 12 Km later in the day. However that was not the reason I pulled out.

I ran ok ( for me) yesterday but found that running harder than my usual slow plod around the suburban streets was not something my body cope with at this stage. Most of my training is done at a rather pedestrian 5 minute per Km pace. I often kick home the last Km but even that is still only at 4.30 pace. I am doing one day a week of ‘ speed ‘ training but even that is not particularly taxing. 6 by 40 second efforts !Image

I am still very slow…average was 4.06 again I am not too concerned at this stage. 

If I want to run track I really have to lift my game.

I probably could have won the race last night….but this is not what I am about. I want to be lean and fast. Unfortunately at the moment I am neither.

Weight 64.1……is is just a dream to see a 63 on those scales.? ( btw 64 kilos= 140 pounds approx)



All replies welcome.

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