Short hard run to start the week.


Ran a new course today near Deakin Uni. I am calling it the Deakin Uni Course. A circular undulating gravel path a bit over 3 Km.

Took my car to the start and then ran one lap with Tamami. She then did a U turn and ran a lap in the opposite direction to me. I really pushed it….the fear of her getting back to the start before me drove me on. I think I ran about as hard as I could whilst running alone.

Temperature was about 28 degrees which although not super hot was warm enough for me.Image

In creased my exercises a little bit today doing 105 push ups and 400 stomach crunches.

I did not time today’s run. I tried to run today at a speed which I find very uncomfortable. Give me an idea what it is like to run with a bit of pain and keep going.

I think today’s run helped me more than just plonking around the streets for an hour or so at 5 minute pace.


All replies welcome.

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