Good run in the rain.


Melbourne’s weather changes so quickly. Last Wednesday hot and humid. Last night ran in heavy rain.

But it is all good. Run in the heat…run in the rain. Aim is to just run.

Can not say I felt super good yesterday. Maybe a little tired. Maybe  the endless traffic on the roads …..certainly the rain slows the traffic and also seems to multiply the number of cars on the road.

Ran a solid 12 Km. Faster than before although I thought it was faster than it was.Image

Every run counts and today must be considered a victory. Rain …hills…puddles….fun runners racing around us….all did not stop us running. Actually the Fun Run folk did not pass us anyway…well two young guys did in fact pass us but they were like about 40 years younger than me.

I had my photo taken when I finished. Sometimes…well quite often…I feel fantastic….but the photo showed just this skinny guy…maybe a little soft. Not good. Must work harder.

Push ups 120…. Crunches…600. 

Must do more.



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