Solid enough 10 Km


Ran reasonably well tonight running up a few hills for a total of about 10 Km in 49 minutes. Found running up the hills a bit hard but hopefully will get better if I can do more of this type of running. Started slow but felt quite good and picked it up as I went along. I could have run a bit faster.Image

I have a Half Marathon race on Sunday. Normally I would not run hard on the Thurday before a race. But I am only running as a pacer So it should prove no problem.

Temperature was far better for running today. No heat…no rain…temperature about 17 degrees. Very nice to be running in such conditions.

I had a few pains in my chest today so I cut back on my push ups…only 75 push ups today. 300 stomach crunches.




All replies welcome.

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