Hard Gym session and easy run.Race Sunday.


 I thought I looked pretty miserable  in the photograph after the 12 Km run in the rain on Wednesday. So today tried to really push myself in the gym. Upper body work…chest and arms….after every third set I did three sets of stomach lifts. I just have not got the arm strenght to keep pushing weights for much over an hour.ImageI am reasonably happy with today’s session in the gym. Even though I did not weigh myself I know I still have some fat around the stomach which I need to lose. I would also like to get some pec definition but this maybe just a dream. Regardless I will still keep attending the gym a couple of times each week. I will also continue with my push ups. I am up to 3 sets of 37. Not easy but I do them every day without fail.

I am about 64 kilos now…last weigh in a few days ago 64.1….that’s about 141 pounds in the old way…I would like to run the next Marathon a bit under 64 Kgm.

Went for only a short run today. I still have pain in my right quad and also now have some sore toes….no big deal.

I will run a Half Marathon race on Sunday. I am only a pacer but I still have to cover the distance. Looking forward to this a lot.



3 thoughts on “Hard Gym session and easy run.Race Sunday.

  1. Thanks. You hear about people doing a hundred push ups but I find I have to really struggle to get much past 35 .
    Waiting for some more blogging from you sometime. 🙂

  2. Jack

    For a long time I’ve been thinking I was unable to do push-ups. Not more than 10. But recently I have found the way to enhance my strength so much that soon I was able of doing 30, and then even 50 push ups! I’ve started taking Military Grade supplements and they provided me enough fuel to train much more than i used to. I never thought I could spend three hours in the gym. Now i find it easy. After 2 weeks of such trainings I was already feeling the improvements of my shape. Now I know that our limits are only identified by ourselves.

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