Half Marathon Race tomorrow


I am running the Warburton half marathon tomorrow morning? I am running as a pacer so it should not be too much of an effort. Unfortunately my right knee has become a bit sore.  However with a bit of luck I should be able to cruise through.

I think lifting weights whilst standing is not a good idea and is something I will avoid in future.

Ran an easy 3 Km today with no hassle. Also did my usual push ups ( 75) and stomach crunches (200).Image

Had a massage today and I think that helped. Also started taking some Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets…they are meant have some anti inflam benefits. Also did some work on the Foam Roller as my right quad is still sore….however this pain really does not adversely effect my running in any way.

Looking forward to the race tomorrow. I am planning to wear my light weight racing shoes…good move? Not sure.

Would be great tomorrow and find this knee pain has gone. But if it has not I will live with it.



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