Today I got up at 4.30 AM and was driven 80 Km to the town of Warburton in order to act as a pacer for Julz. 

Julz is running her first Marathon in Canberra in April. Today’s race was a bit of training for us both running together.

Race started at 7.30 AM on a small oval. We ran one lap and then out onto the streets. Immediately there was a steep hill which we handled well. We did notice that we were at the back of the field but figured that we knew what we were doing….to some extent…whilst many of the others who were charging up the early hills perhaps did not.

The hills went on and on. Not many were behind us and we were being passed by many.

Finally we made the turn and headed for home. We picked up the pace and started running a few Kms under 5 minute pace. We passed 4 or 5 people and then a group of four young men running close together.Image

We continued to target people in front of us and slowly catch and pass them.

We passed a few more people  in the last 5 Km and were going well.The last two Kms were across a few bridges which were a bit messy.

Prior to this race Julz’s PB was 1-59(?) but today she finished in 1-54.06. A good effort on a  very hilly and hard course.

Julz finished 25 th female and 91st over all.

My bad knee almost stopped me starting today did not bother me too much once we got going.I actually finished 4 th in the old Men’s category.



Roll on Canberra


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