Gym and running for recovery day.


Althought the Half marathon race yesterday was not that hard it still was 21.1 Km. So today comes under the heading of a recovery day. I am trying to work recovery and rest into my schedule. I am trying to be a smarter runner.

My knee is still very sore so when I went to the gym this morning I did all my lifting sitting down. Worked Km my chest which needs all the help it can get. Between sets of weight lifting I did ab work. My stomach still requires a lot of work.

Spent over an hour in the gym. An OK  session. I find the gym pretty boring.

In the afternoon I did my usual 6 Km run along the creek and back. A bit of grass running which I do not like much but it’s probably good for my legs.

My right quad is still sore but that does not really bother me too much when I am actually running.

Felt a bit sore  over all and  quite heavy at the start …started at a slow plod. I picked it up as I went on Despite feeling some of the old pain behind my right knee coming back.

Run Took 30 minutes something…just under 31 minutes. Not too bad a pace for me,especially when I was trying to take it easy and recover from yesterday. I seemed to sweat a bit in the warm conditions…maybe a headband to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

Weight is 65.5 which is up. Not good. Tomorrow I will train harder.



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