Gym session followed by steady run.


I am trying to get to the gym and push weights for an hour or more at least twice a week. Today was my second session this week. Went well as I did upper body work and worked on my abs. I think I worked hard and I think it helps. But the gym is so…so boring. Anyway that’s it for the week.

For the 4 th Wednesday in a row I went to the Tan for a group run. Pace was not that hard and we didn’t really run as far as I would have liked. But it was fun to do. Nice to run and chat at the same time.

After that off for a well earned steak dinner at Buddhas belly.Image

Run today was probably good to do at a moderate pace. My legs are still a little sore from the. Half Marathon Race on S Unday and the solid run on Monday and the hill sprints yesterday.

Tomorrow I will go to the track and race. It will be interesting to see what speed ( if any) I can generate.





All replies welcome.

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