Track race tonight at slow pace.


Raced at 4.13 pace tonight at the track. Although I won my race against other oldsters I was generally pretty woeful.

For a change the weather was below 20 degrees tonight. But it didn’t help me much. I started ok but after the  first Km in 4.06 I just plodded on.

Sunday was the half Marathon in the bush and maybe this plus the running on Monday and yesterday plus the hill sprints in Tuesday took something out of me? Still I got out and ran and although I was a bit disappointed in how amazingly slow I was I at least did it.

I have had two hard gym sessions this week and I don’t think that really helped me much.

H ow ever the game is not over yet.Image

Saturday I will run 30 Km. That should be fun. More fun that tonight for sure.

Here is a picture of me running the half Marathon on Sunday.

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