Getting set for 30 Km run tomorrow morning.


After a less than brilliant race on the track last night I am trying to play it smart (!!) and take it easy today. I have been training fairly hard and although the race yesterday was not a total disaster it was a long way off what I think I can do.

Today only a short jog and 350 stomach crunches.

During the race last night my arms felt a little sore. Never had this feeling before. Two solid gym sessions early in the week ( gym on Monday and Wednesday,…race was on Thursday) probably caused this pain. Plus I am doing about 120 push ups per day in addition to the visits to the gym.

In the evening after the race I felt weary. I am used to being in pain but this was something new.

In the past when I did not run as I would have liked I would have simply upped the training the next day. Now I am trying….yes it’s hard to believe….trying to be a bit smarter.

Anyway tomorrow is not a major run but rather a just cover the distance run. A steady but far from quick pace. Just do it sort of training .run.Image


All replies welcome.

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