30 K m OK but my toes a little hacked.


My main concern these days is to not get injured. My knee has been bad for a week or so  probably due to lifting weights and I always have hammy problems and my sore quad will not go away. But generally I am in fairly reasonable condition. Hope to stay that way for a long time.

In the past when I ran something like 30 Km and it went well I would back up with another run of say 15 Km the next day. BUT nowadays I am taking a different approach and really taking it easy.

Yesterday ( the day after running 30 Km) I only ran 3 Km. I can not say I feel really flash because of this super easy day. But maybe internally my body is appreciating it.

My toes are pretty awfulImage.

I have a blood blister…ah just like in the 80s…..memories.

I have submitted an application to run the NYC marathon in November…..Probably early April I will know if I am off to the big apple. Fingers crossed.

All replies welcome.

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