30 Km run yesterday to start Canberra marathon Training.


It may seem that running 30 Km at a moderate pace is not so hard. But it is STILL 30 Km out on the road and takes around 3 hours. So at least for me it was far from a walk in the park.

Julia,Tamami and I started right on 8.30 AM Saturday morning.  Weather was mild. About 17 degrees when we set off rising to about 23 when we finished…maybe a tad warm at the end.

Whilst the course was generally flat there were a number of hills over the journey. Almost entirely on road and path. A little hard on the legs.

The aim was to finish at our starting point and that would be 30 Km exactly. But we slightly miscalculated and finished around one Km from home. In theory we could have run another Km but chose to stop right on 30 and walk it in.

A great start to our training…actually we really have been training for 6 weeks including a Half marathon race just 6 days ago. But this was our first REALLY long run.

This was Julia’s longest run in her entire life. I had not run as far since October last year.

Next long run is on Friday…we will do another 30 Kms. Then a week after that…35 Km…should prove interesting.



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