Gym followed by good run.


I really don’t think the Gym helps me much. I do it to keep as strong a body as I can for as long as I can. It’s mindless boredom so I manage just over an hour. It’s a good hour of exercise in so far as I do not really stop. I work on arms and chest and between set work on my abs. I always go for an hour at least but after that length of time I have just about has it.Image

In the afternoon early evening I meet up with Julz who is training for her first marathon in Canberra in April. We run 3 laps of The tan for a total of about 12 Km. Going UP the very steep Anderson street hill. We don’t run particularly fast…average pace last night was 5.23 per Km but it was a decent enough pace for training plus we had the run up THE HILL three times. So it counts as a good work out in my book.

Tomorrow 30 Km. !!!


All replies welcome.

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