Good 30 Km run turns sour after finishing.


I ran a solid enough 30 Km yesterday but after finishing became dizzy and then I became ill and then….I became worse…..not a good feeling.

Last Saturday I ran 30 Km with no great stress although it was long enough. Sunday was an easy recovery run.Then on Monday I  ran my 6 Km course in my fastest time yet. On Tuesday I did some hill sprints and on the Wednesday did 12 Km in a time which was almost 2 minutes better than our best.

I cut my gym sessions down to one a week….can’t really get much lower than that.

On Thursday I did nothing at all..apart from 125 push ups…400 stomach crunches….a 3 minute plank and a run of 3 Km.

So it would seem that I did not really do that much even though I managed to get out the door each day.

Yesterday ( Friday ) I ran another 30 Km marathon training run with Julz,working towards some longer runs in the coming week. Canberra marathon is mid April.

Run was ok….neither of us felt great but we figured if we ran 30 Km it was another long run out of the way regardless of how we felt.

We struggled a bit near the end but Julz kept going even if only at a jog in the last couple of Kms.

 I thought it was good training for her to keep going when she felt terrible. A great effort on her part..

When I finished I felt a bit tired but nothing unusual. But after about 5 minutes….10 minutes…I started to feel a bit dizzy and felt I was about to faint. Then I felt amazingly bad…..I was very ill and felt I was drifting away. Tamami said I had gone very white…..

I am not sure what caused such a bad reaction……

Maybe I need to train harder.

Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday…..gotta be alive for that.



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