Solid Birthday Run


To celebrate my birthday I ran for 62 minutes this morning. Quite a good run despite the temperature of 28 degrees which is a bit warmer than I like.

I ran my old Bath Road route which I have not run for a couple of years. At the start of this run ( well about 1.5 Km in) there is a massive hill…know as the infamous Warrigal Road hill. Got to the top in 11.59 which is way off my best but I thought it would not be much of a birthday if I got to the top and fainted. 

After about 25 minute I put in a series of surges which very much underlined how far I have to go ! 

Over all it was a good outing…I pushed myself and was pleased to see I seem to have recovered from the horror 30 Km of two days ago.Image


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