Race last night


I raced with Victorian Road Runners last night for the first time in quite a few years. They hold a pretty informal fun run once a month on a Thurday and also a race on a Saturday ( starts too early for me).

I ran ok I suppose? I finished 4 th. I have been training fairly hard and Tamami said I would have done better if I had more rest? Nice of her to say but realistically the winner was taller,lighter and over 40 years younger than me!! I would need an F one race car to get even close.

I am still running over 4 minute pace per Km. And the race yesterday involved a long steep hill which I ran up in 5.04 ( aaahhhh). But I suppose it was good to get out and push myself. 

Race yesterday was odd in so far as we did not have numbers so there was no way to know who your opponents were. I passed about 6 runners going up the hill and was passed ( easily) by at least 4. But in my race????…or just joggers…..even joggers pass me !! Sad.

I think one of my  ( many ) deficiencies is that I do very little speed work. I probably could have run the first Km under 4 last night but just lacked the courage to do this knowing what was ahead. Plus you had to jump over dips in the road and cross a road ( with cars!!) and dodge massive amounts of joggers….great that so many are out there. There is no rule you have to jog in one direction so throughout the race there were massive numbers of people coming straight at you. There also appear a lot more of these ‘groups’ where 20 pr 30 people run together under the guidance of some running guru.

I hope to do better next time.Image

All replies welcome.

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