Training plan


Long run ( 35 Km ) tomorrow morning.ImageRan a steady temp like run of 12 Km last Wednesday and followed up with a Fun Run ( finished 4 th ) on Thursday. I will improve my racing…and hopefully my speed.

Yesterday I felt pretty good and thought about a longer recovery run. But it was hot ( 28 degrees) and I was a bit lazy so just ran my usual 6 Km.It was meant to be easy but I would say fairly solid. I felt very strong even in the heat which I am beginning to hate.

Today Saturday I am having an easy day….very easy jog and push ups and stomach crunches.

Then tomorrow morning Julz and I will have our last long run before the Canberra marathon  on April 13 th.

Tomorrow Julz and I will run 35 Km. Julz has never run more than 30 Km in one run in her life. Tamami will run the last 20 Km with us and push us along. Should be a fun outing.



All replies welcome.

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