Solid 16


Julz not feeling well so put the 35 on hold and ran a good 16.2 Km with Tamami this morning.

Probably started a bit early after breakfast so did not feel particularly chipper. But after 6 or 7 Km got right into it and upped the pace to just a bit over 5 min per Km with the last full Km at 4.50 pace and the ‘extra’ but at 4.04.

Tamami has recovered from her race yesterday and ran well. I have a bit of a sore calf but it did not really effect my running today. I am just a bit afraid it could get worse.

Had a massage of my calves and hammies today. Not immediate improvememnt but I think these things take a while to kick in.

Certainly running 16 is a lot  easier than 30 or 35. Felt pretty good today compared to last week when I was on the edge of death. 🙂Image


All replies welcome.

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