LONG RUN done.


Julz and I ran 35 Km this morning in our last long run before the Canberra marathon In three weeks time.

Run went well. Starting about 8 .30 ish the weather was very favorable. Over cast about 14 degrees with occasional light rain.

We ran the first 8 Km fairly easily at about 5.50 pace. We then met Tamami and friend Ivan and ran into the City with them. Over all we ran as a group of 4 for about 19 Km. At about 27 Km we left them and continued towards home for another 8 to make up the 35 Km training run. Last 8 Km were over 6 minute pace but I don’t think that matters too much.

Running with the others added another demension to the training run and in some ways made it easier. A good move to set up a run like this.Certainly breaks it up.Image

Julz seemed to recover fairly well to some extent after a while. I did not feel faint although maybe a little ill. Feeling a little battered after being on the road for so long. But otherwise not too bad.

Certainly 35 Km is a long way but so is the marathon. We have now done two 30 Km runs and today’s run of 35 Km.

We can do this Canberra marathon.

All replies welcome.

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