Importance of recovery


In the olden days I did not really believe in recovery days. In past times I would , after a hard run , do 10 Km or so. But maybe trying something new …meaning a really easy day….will help me over all.

Yesterday was not super fast but 35 Km is still 35 Km. It is a long time on the road. At least for me it is.

So today by way of recovery I just jogged along the road outside my house. Turned around and ran home. Short and sweet? Well at least short.

Went to the gym and worked out for just over an hour.  Pushed weights a bit heavier than usual concentrating on arms and chest. Did a number of ab exercises as well. A good session.

At home I did 200 stomach crunches and 50 push ups.

Hopefully all this resting will help me run better.



All replies welcome.

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