Tired leads= hill sprints


Legs feeling a bit heavy today so some hill sprints called for. 35 Km on Sunday and hard gym session on Monday plus fast run on Tuesday and solid enough run last night all combined with the warm conditions to make me feel heavy and slow.

Ran a slow plodding 3km with Tamami to the HILL. 

After the first two run ups my legs started to feel a bit strange. After 6 hills my legs started to wobble a bit.

Tamami ran down the hill after each sprint. I normally just stagger down like a drunken koala but because Tamami was running down I was pretty much forced to follow.

Finished with 8 hill sprints.

Felt a little dizzy as I jogged…oh so slowly….home…

Image225 stomach crunches and 60 push ups today.

Weight 64.0….this is my goal weight.


All replies welcome.

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