Funny Hill running


31 degrees here in Melbourne. Time for some hill sprints to start the week off.

Ran my usual 3km route to the base of the hill. I hate the heat these days and did not really feel that great when Tamami and I got there.

Ran the first 6 hills quite well equal to mImagey best time twice ( or maybe I broke it…not sure). BUT on the 7 th sprint my legs started to feel a bit wobbly and about 30 m from the time I found it a little hard to see.

The 8 th and last hill is the one Tamami traditionally challenges me and goes all out to beat me…..not that beating a lumbering slow boots like me is much. I was ahead at half way but she just snuck by with 20m to go and took the Gold. 🙂

110 push ups today and 300 stomach crunches.

Less than two weeks to Canberra marathon.



All replies welcome.

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