Marathon getting closer.


Sunday is the Canberra Marathon. I have run this twice. Both times fairly slow but in fairness 84 had shocking winds to battle. Plus I was just starting to get into marathon running and I was still a couple of years away from going sub 3.

I ran in 1983 and 1984.

Its a new course which may or may not be good. I am really just a Pacer but I still have to run the distance.

Today I ran just ONE Km… is that for a taper !

330 stomach crunches and 90 push ups. I never really do many push ups but I do them everyday so I suppose it’s some benefit.

I have decided to wear my normal training shoes. I did set aside another pair but I seem to feel some achilles pain so best stick with what I am familiar with.

In the 80s I seem to have been wearing some cheapo coloured singlet I got from Target ( if Target store existed in those day). Sunday I will wear my Gold Namban singlet.Image


All replies welcome.

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