Marathon Report


Yesterday I ran my 31st marathon as a Pacer for Julia who was running her first.

I thought that nothing could top the great feeling I experienced breaking 3 hours for the marathon for the first time. And this didn’t. But it was right up there in my list of great running experiences.

Training went reasonably well with the long runs being increased by 5 Km each week up to 20 Km. Then two weeks of 20.. Two weeks of 25…two weeks of 30 and a 35 Km run.

Each Wednesday we ran 12 Kms which included a steep hill ever 4 Km.

We tapered for a couple of weeks and had some good carbo meals for lunch and dinner the night before the race. We also drank plenty of water.

RACE started at 6.30. Temperature was about 9 degrees at the start.

Plan was to run first Km ( up a hill) at a slow pace and then lock into 5.50 per Km .

FIRST 10km average 5.51

SECOND 10 Km 5.52.

Am I a good paced or what ? !!!

But although we were on pace Julz was finding the hills hard. We did not expect and had not really trained for.

HALF WAY 2.03. Perfect.

But it was getting hotter and the hills seemed endless.

SECOND HALF . Julz ran a lot slower and was feeling ill. She fought on. 

FINISHED.We ran to the finish and crossed the line together.


A wonderful experience.




3 thoughts on “Marathon Report

  1. Congratulations to Julz and yourself. I have read everyone of your blog reports and enjoyed them all. I hope that Julz appreciates the significance of running her first marathon on the same day that Mo Farrah ran his! Already looking forward to the next blog.

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