Was 1983 Is 2014


Ran the Canberra marathon in 83/84 and again last Sunday. It 83 I was just starting to run marathons and limped across the line in a rather pedestrian time of 3-20 ( a PB at that time but I walked quite a bit of it). I really had no idea how to run a marathon in those by gone days.

I had a look at my 83 diary today checking out what I did in the week after the Canberra marathon. I noticed that on the Thursday after the race i ran 5.5 Km . By a strange coincidence I ran 5.5km today ( Thursday). So little has changed it seems.

I am trying to take it very easy and really do very little. I feel OK but under my new policy I am trying to be just a little smart. I felt I could have run a lot faster today but decided to just have a steady run.

80 push ups…100 crunches.

Weight 65.0 Kgm. ( 143 pounds). I would like to be under this when I run my next marathon.Image


All replies welcome.

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