Slow Marathon recovery


Six days after the Canberra marathon I ran 40 minutes fairly well with Tamami San. I didn’t feel that crash hot at the start and felt worse when two young guys started running behind us. Thankfully they stopped after about five Km and I could limp away.

I am taking things very easily and not doing much running. I think I am recovering  but I want to give it a bit longer just to be sure before I start running again.

I think the Marathon can fool you to some extent. You think you are right to go but really the effort made is till effecting your body even if you don’t realize it.

Regardless of whether I am ok to go I think I will just rest for a while yet.

Today 90 push ups and 300 stomach crunches.Image


2 thoughts on “Slow Marathon recovery

  1. What I find interesting about marathon recovery is it is different every time! There are no hard fast rules on how long to take off after a race, it’s definitely best to listen to your body! Congratulations on completing your marathon! Great job on the cross training!

    • Thanks. After my first marathon yonks ago I did not run for 4 months. Now I can run reasonably well a week later. 🙂 Trust your own running going well.

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