On the road again.


On the road again. Sounds like a line from a song!  Start of the second week after the Canberra Marathon. Time to stop being so lazy and get out on the road. But I still plan to take it fairly easily for a while yet.

Today I set out a new route which I hope to use often and which I can push the pace. Today I ran this new route in just under 50 minutes. This route consists of a very steep hill just before the 3 Km Mark. Most people use Sherpas…not me ! Also a bit of grass running ( which I hate) and a number of smaller hills. Today I ran at a pretty steady pace but chose not to Garmin it. Just a solid 50 minutes.

Weight is 64.7 Kgm ( 142 pounds) which whilst nothing to write home about is not too bad at this stage.

It was fairly cool out ( 17 degrees) and quite windy (46kph).

Feeling quite good. But still being careful and not doing much.

Hammies a little sore so I am icing them…I have been a bit slack in so far as icing goes lately so from now on will try to ice after every run.Image


All replies welcome.

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