First day.


Ten weeks till the Gold Coast Half Marathon. Today was my first run towards my goal of running fast enough to qualify for the NYC marathon. ( I already have my BQ !).

Today I did my old Bath Road run. Called thus because it starts in Bath road. ( clever!). This is about 5 Km along paths and a bit of road. lots of turns…a few minor hills…bit of gravel and lots and lots of roads to cross ( not major roads but roads none the less).

Years ago…maybe 5 years ago….I used to run this route. I would be driven to the start and picked up at a car park around 5 Km away. However today I ran to the start…only about 4 Km but did include one killer hill….called the Warrigal Road Hill. 

Once I made it to bath Road I took a break and set up my Garmin. A bit of wind and a drop of rain but generally conditions not too bad.

I ran at 4.41 minutes per Km pace. Certainly not fast but I think I slowed at each of the roads I crossed…did not stop but just had a look for cars. getting killed really messes up your training.

Did not feel that easy….but it’s a start.

90 push ups and 200 crunches.

Weight 64.8 KgmImage





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